About Christiane

As CEO and Team Leader, Christiane is here to make your buying and selling journey rewarding and seamless. With over 21 years of experience, she understands what it takes to find you a home where you belong, and she is constantly monitoring Redpost’s client experience to make sure it meets your needs and brings you value. You’ll find comfort knowing the result is a full-service experience with frequent communication and innovative strategies which deliver maximum return. 


Christiane knows the value of a REALTOR® in your corner who is dedicated, professional and knowledgeable. That’s why she works with the whole Redpost team to ensure everyone shares her heart to serve both clients and the community. She loves giving back to the younger generation, investing time connecting with team members to mentor them and provide resources and training so they continue growing and learning. She also works behind the scenes to ensure business operations are smooth and efficient. While she is no longer Seller Specialist, she’ll happily step in when agents take time off, returning to her first love: helping you find a place to belong!


Christiane takes pride in being an active member of the Ottawa business community, keeping abreast of real estate developments, exploring new initiatives and building partnerships which benefit you and the Redpost team. 


Christiane completed real estate college in 2006 and has run her own successful real estate business for over 15 years. During her career she has helped over 500 families in the Ottawa/Orleans area find the right home. As a local mom of two, Christiane is a keen member of the community, and contributes her time and resources to her local church, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa, The Ottawa Humane Society and CHEO.

“From the moment I started working in a real estate office at 21 years old, everything about the industry fascinated me. Over the years, I've realized that everyone deserves to belong—whether it’s to a community, a family, or a team. I feel blessed to have been appointed to lead a team of professionals who help others find that sense of belonging when they buy a new home or move out of one and start a new chapter. Being a realtor is about so much more than buying and selling houses. Leading the Redpost team reminds me that real estate is all about helping people, and those people—our clients—are central to our future as a company.”