Meet Brianne Pankoff

Brianne manages Redpost’s social media marketing, connecting you to the company’s brand and ensuring our content is relatable. While she may be behind the scenes, her role is pivotal to the success of your real estate team. Her goal is to consistently post content which is accessible for everyone, educating you about real estate and Redpost. She helps you stay up to date by sharing the latest developments in home-related topics like mortgage rates, as well as home ownership and lifestyle trends. With her consistent social media activity, she is growing Redpost’s reach and reputation, establishing the team as trusted experts, and contributing to Ottawa’s vibrant online community.

A team player and strategic thinker, Brianne works collaboratively with the rest of the Redpost team to grow our brand and interactions with the public. She has a comprehensive background in social media, digital advertising, planning, and service with more than eight years of experience in sales, marketing, and event management.


A self-confessed foodie, Brianne is always trying out new recipes at home or out at restaurants in Ottawa. She’s also a big dog lover and her claim to fame is that her charming golden retriever, Koda, went viral online. So, don’t be surprised if there’s the odd dog picture in Redpost’s feed!

“I am here to support and promote the Redpost team while they focus on what they do best! I love the City of Ottawa and sharing things with this community on and offline. I am here to make sure you know the latest trends impacting your home sale or purchase, and to make sure that the Redpost brand is known for the stellar reputation it deserves.”